4 Must-know Tips to find a Good Green Smoothie Blender

Everyone knows the benefits of green smoothie, but do you know what makes a great green smoothie blender different from the rest? A good blender will not only do the work, but also do it well. It will give you the best taste and texture possible so you can look forward to every meal. It will also do the work efficiently, so you can save time and effort. So how do you narrow down the best blenders for green smoothies? green smoothie blender Vitamix 4500 buy at amazon

Green Smoothie Blender you need to look for

Strong power: The fiber in green smoothie is hard to break down and requires extra grinding.
A good blade system: Sharper blades can cut down whole food easier and therefore, save you prepping time
Safe material: always look for BPA free plastic or glass containers.
When all else are equals, the best green smoothie blender is the one that comes with a good recipe book, which gives you ideas of what it’s capable of and keeps your inspired to use it everyday.
Let’s apply these tips by looking at one of the best blender for green smoothies:

Vitamix Turboblend 4500 Countertop Blender with 2+ HP Motor

Yes, Vitamix products often come at a higher price point. However, when we asked people why they made the switch to Vitamix, they often said that they were tired of cheaper blenders that burns out every few months or so. And it’s truly a solution. Vitamix products are made to last, usually come with a warranty of 5 to 7 years, and can handle daily grinding with no problem.

Vitamix Turboblend 4500 is also a great green smoothie blender because its sharp blade can handle any type of fruits and veggies. Carrot, celery, or frozen strawberries? You name it. Best of all, we tested the blender with a whole apple and the blender just whip it up in less than a minute. If you have a busy schedule like we do, any minute saved from prepping time is always appreciated. Also, since you didn’t have to take out the fruit peel or veggie stems, your drinks will be loaded with extra fiber.

What about safe material? We love the feel of the Eastman Triton copolyester container. This is a stronger, shatterproof material that can withstand high heat and prevent chemical contamination.

Not just great for green smoothies, Vitamix 4500 also won our vote as one of the best blenders for smoothies of all kind. The reason lies in its Healthy Lifestyle recipe book, which wowed us with not just healthy but also very delicious recipes. If that doesn’t keep you inspired, what does?

One minor issue that we often hears from users is that this model has a strong but narrow blade system, unlike similar models of Blendtec, and this narrow blade makes it harder to catch ingredients floating on top or hiding in the corner. However, this is when the tamper tool comes in handy. With this tool, you can easily speed up the process, although with our tests, it is quite rarely needed.

Remember, green smoothie is great for you as it is an easy, convenient way to add fiber into your diet. Now with the right green smoothie blender, it’s not only easy, but also can be fun and exciting. So let the blender work and kick start your day with a glass full of life!

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