5 Best Blender for Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Best Blender for Frozen Fruit Smoothies (2)

Before Picking A Great Blender Read Blenders In Reviews Tips. Occasionally we all need Tips. All blenders can make you a blended drink. But not all can handle the product the same. You want to consider the blender that has ice crushing ability and power to do the job successfully. Anything less will not give you the desired results. Picking a great blender can be a bit overwhelming considering all the different blenders, and each one telling you that there’s is the best. That’s why Blenders In Review is here. Below are major points to consider when buying the right blender.

All blenders have basic components i.e.,

Watts: The most critical component is POWER. So pick a great blender with at least 500 Watts. The more horse-powered the better it will blend the ingredients producing a far better blend. You’ll need that when working with the toughest foods. Like frozen things, seeds and an unyielding product. You get what you pay for: As I wrote before, you will save money in the long run by getting a high-end blender. They are built better, lasting much longer than the low-end blenders. A high-end power house blender is an investment that you will enjoy for years to come.

Here, I picked two great blenders. The high-end Vitamix and Blendtec, you will invest around $400 or higher. Middle-of-the-road blenders run around $80 – $120 or higher. They will do a good job making smoothies, but they take longer to blend the drink really smooth depending on the hardness of the product, thus leaving bigger bits like seeds etc. At the low-end expect to pay about $30 or less. If money is a concern (we all know what that’s like) work on saving the money to buy one at least in the mid-range blenders, of course an high-end blenders will serve you best. Cheap ones will only save you money now, and will not last if you are going to use it a lot.

Container size:

When picking a great blender, never get a container that is too small. As I see it, I would rather have a bigger capacity pitcher for those times when I need it. That way I can make what ever I’m blending all at once, and blending for the whole family or all my friends and reduces the times used. Some blenders offer interchangeable pitcher from a personal one cup size to sizes of 32-ounce, 48-ounce and 64-ounce pitchers.


Glass or Plastic? Plastic resist breakage but can be marred and scratched permitting germs and stain. Plastic Pitcher should be BPA free. A polycarbonate pitcher which is shatter-proof and don’t scratch easily. Glass on the other hand is heavier and easily broken if accidentally dropped. Glass cleans easily. Design: Color, style and size are important when picking a great blender for your kitchen. It should fit in the location on your counter top that you are planning for.

Easy To use:

Most are fairly simple with push buttons. Just make sure it offers what you will use the most. Pulse button for when you don’t need a set amount of time. A button for crushing ice. This features blends in short bursts. Picking a great blender at the High-end often comes with programmed buttons that take all the guess work out of it, just push the button and its done right for you. Trouble-Free Cleaning Spills happen choosing a blender with an easy-to-clean touch pads button will bless your life making clean up a relief over those hard to clean blender buttons. Removable vs. non-removable blades: some just add water and soap right into the pitcher and run the blender at high for a moment and wow, it’s clean. Other prefer washing the blade by hand.

Stability: When picking a great blender look for a heavy base, and a tight lid will take care of spills and run-away or walking blenders on high speeds. So pick the blender with a wide, heavy metal base for stability.

Don’t Forget The Warranty:

Once again you get what you pay for. Low-end, 90 days to one year coverage. High-end up to 10 years. Here again, you can spend your money or make an investment. Some blenders are throwaway, cost too much to ship them back, just one more thing to consider when picking a great blender, you get the picture… Blenders in Review, has given you adequately information for you to picking a great blender, making you an empowered consumer.

5 Best Blender for Frozen Fruit Smoothies

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