Champion Juicer G5-PG-710 Review –Commercial Heavy Duty Juicer

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If you are are in search of a high capacity, durable and versatile single gear juicer then the Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 could be just what you are looking for. For more than two decades the Champion brand has been producing juice extractors that are efficient, reliable and durable enough to handle the tough jobs and the G5-PG-710 is no exception. This unit is a heavy-duty commercial class juicer that is capable of powering through any type of fruit or vegetable and versatile enough to replace other small kitchen appliances with its multipurpose capabilities as a food processor. If you are a serious juicer and tend to extract more than 12 ounces of juice per day than the Champion G5-PG-710 could be just the juicer you need.

Even though this model is labeled a commercial juicer the G5-PG-710 is ideal for use in the home to make delicious juices or snacks for family and friends anytime you want. For the price of this single gear masticating juicer the results are nothing short of incredible, many owners of Champion juicers have owned them for years and are still impressed with the versatility and durability of this wonderful machine. The commercial juicer from Champion is available in four beautiful colorsalmond, silver, black and white.

Champion Juicer G5-PG-710 Review in Depth 

Champion G5-PG-710

Champion G5-PG-710

Features at a Glance

  • Juicer Type : Single Gear Masticating Juicer
  • High capacity juicer perfect for juice lovers who make high volumes of juice
  • Heavy Duty, 1/3 Horsepower Volts/Watts: 110 volts 50/60 hz/ 650 watt Motor
  • Front and rear ball bearing installation for smoother quieter operation at 1725 RPM
  • Stainless Steel Motor Shaft
  • Large feed tube measures 1.75″ Diameter, will reduce food preparation time.
  • Floating Cutter – designed to separate the juice from the pulp in a single action. Continuous juicing with no midway cleaning required.
  • Tempered Stainless Steel Cutting Blades – the cutting blades are cast into the cutter for added strength and durability.
  • All parts are 100% FDA approved (nylon and stainless steel)
  • Product Dimensions: 10″ high x 7″ wide x 17″ deep
  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • 10 years warranty on motor and parts, 1 Year on cutter blade and screens

What Included with the Champion G5-PG-710 Juicer

  • Instruction Manual
  • Juicing Screen
  • Sieve
  • Blank Screen
  • Tamper

Optional Items (not included):

  • Grain Mill
  • Large Hole Screen

What Can You Juice with it?

  • Fruits: Yes
  • Citrus: Yes
  • Vegetables: Yes
  • Leafy Greens: Not recommended
  • Wheat grass: Not recommended

What Can The Champion Masticating Juicer Do?

The G5-PG-710 by Champion is a multipurpose machine capable of much more than just juice extraction. With attachments, some included others optional, you are able to prepare a variety of items such as, nut butters, baby food, frozen fruit sorbet and ice cream all with one versatile appliance. This unit works great for homogenizing ingredients and within the instruction manual of the Champion masticating juicer you will find many useful recipes to assist you in creating many wonderful dishes.

A very useful optional attachment for this juicer is the Grain Mill attachment at a cost around $80. With it you have the ability to grind whole coffee beans, soybeans, peppercorn or any other grain you desire to make meals or flour.

Juicing Efficiency

For easier juicing action the feeding tube features an opening of 1.75″ diameter, which reduces the food prep time that you will need do prior to feeding your produce into the machine. To insure that much of the vital nutrients and enzymes remain intact when juicing the Champion juicer uses a slow speed heavy-duty 1/3 horsepower motor running at only 1725 RPMs during the mastication process. When juicing the single gear turns slowly as it quietly and efficiently squeezes juice from the fruits and vegetables. This juicer uses a floating cutter that is purposefully designed to separate the juice from the pulp in a single action allowing for continuous juicing without intermittent cleanings.

Juice Quality

With the mastication process the Champion G5-PG-710 is able to chew produce fibers and breakdown the cell walls of fruits and vegetables. This process ensures that your juice will be filled with more fiber, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. The results you get are a juice that is darker, sweeter, rich in color and vibrant with a full bodied flavor, this is evident because the extracted pulp form the Champion juicer is pale in color. You can see and taste the juice quality difference.

Pros & Cons at a Glance


  • The Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 is constructed with quality materials and set to a very high standard.
  • This juicer is versatile enough to multipurpose as a food processor for making baby food, ice cream, nut butter, fruit sauces, fruit smoothies and sherbets.
  • Easy to assemble and clean.
  • Faster than most masticating juicers at 1725 RPM.


  • The Champion Commercial Juicer G5-PG-710 is heavier than other masticating juicers, so relocating it from your counter top to a storage area after use could be cumbersome.
  • This unit is not recommended to juice leafy greens and wheatgrass effectively unless you purchase an additional greens attachment. However, the attachment itself has received poor reviews from consumers.

Durability of the Champion Juicer

Powered by a heavy-duty motor this juicer machine is powerful and built to last. All parts of the Champion G5-PG-710 are are made with 100% FDA approved nylon and stainless steel. The body of this Champion Juicer is reinforced with a special grade wear-free stainless steel that will not pick up food stains or odor.

Using the Juicer – Assembly, Disassembly, Cleaning

Designed with simplicity in mind the Champion juicer is easy to use and does not require nuts, bolts, screws or clamps to assemble. The floating cutter simply slides on or off the shaft and a quick half-turn is all it takes for the body to lock into place or release for dis-assembly. With a quick change of a single part the juicer machine is now converted and ready to homogenize. The G5-PG-710 is so simple in its function and all the parts are easy to clean.

Cleaning the Juicer

Assembly of this unit is straightforward and clean up is a breeze which most consumers will consider a convenient feature. The Champion G5-PG-710 juicer consist of only 4 parts which can be cleaned with ease. As with any juicer it is recommended that clean up be done immediately following a juicing session and it takes only about 5 minutes of time, keep in mind that parts for this juicer are not dishwasher safe.

How Noisy is the Champion G5-PG-710 Juice Extractor?

The Champion Juicer is more noisy than other masticating juicers because of the 1725 Rpm, perhaps equivalent to a garbage disposal, but much quieter than a centrifugal juicer.

Conclusion – Who Should Buy the Champion Commercial Juicer Model G5-pg-710?

For the price of this juicer it should be considered a great value with its ability to efficiently and effectively extract from fruits and vegetables and deliver a high quality juice. Most consumers will be impressed with the simplicity, versatility and durability of this juicer machine. Although there are other single gear masticating juicers on the market that will deliver higher volumes of juice and extract from wheatgrass and leafy greens none of them are in this price range.

If you are someone that has had it with your juicer breaking down and searching for a simple, efficient, durable juicer to fit your budget then the Champion G5-PG-710 is one to consider. Champion juicers are highly regarded among juicing enthusiasts due to their unsurpassed durability.

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