Newbie’s tips to Green Smoothie Weight Loss Diet

Green smoothie weight loss diet is the trending topic on every health and fitness forum out there. And there is a good reason for that. The green smoothie is often made with leafy vegetables as the main ingredients. Leafy veggies are known as a rich source of fiber and nutrition while having the least amount of fat and carbs. But like every other diet, the important thing is how to stick with the diet and make it work for you. green smoothie weight loss

Here are a few pointers to make it a success:

– Start slow: Don’t even think about a strict green smoothie only diet. It’s not healthy and it won’t last. Think of green smoothie as a natural meal supplement, which adds veggies to your diet, not replaces it.

– Make it as convenient as possible: Look for a good blender that makes the preparing process painless and easier to stick with.

– Make it a routine: Try to pencil in a smoothie time on your daily agenda. Then it would be more of a habit and less of a “task”.

– Variety is important: Often people got off their diet because it’s repetitive and boring. Switch out your vegetable base and add different flavors to make it fun.

How I get started on my green smoothie weight loss journey

As many other green smoothie newbies, I quickly realized that my $20 blender from college couldn’t handle that much blending every day. So the search for a good alternative began. Most searches come up with either Vitamix or Blendtec, which are all excellent options. I was looking for a lower investment though, so I decided to go with the Ninja BL 660 Professional Blender with Single Serve Blending Cups. 1000 watt gives me enough power upgrade at a lower price point. This is one of the best blenders for green smoothies if you are looking to start small.

Like I said, making green smoothie was a pain with my old blender, which can barely crush ice without making a scene. With the Ninja BL660 though, I’m glad to say that all the leafy goodness is blended nicely and I actually enjoyed the smoother taste. See the second green smoothie weight loss tip about making it convenient? Having a 1000-watt power blender (or more if you like!) is such a great help.

For the routine, I chose to have my smoothie time in the morning, so that my day can start on a healthy note, and also because I work in the office all day with no blender around. The good thing is that my Ninja BL660 comes with to-go blending cups, so I can blend and take the cup with. If your blender doesn’t have the extra cups, I do recommend preparing a to-go version to take to work. It’s always more convenient, and that’s the key to our diet success.

Now moving on to adding variety to your green smoothies, it’s my favorite part of the diet. Remember the beauty of a smoothie is that you can add any ingredients you want, so be creative. I love to add Greek yogurt, peanut butter, or frozen berries to my smoothie. For frozen ingredients and nut butter though, make sure to check if your blender can handle it. Luckily, my blender deals really well with tough ingredients and I can still continue experimenting with more fun ingredients.

With these tips, so far I’m still on track with my green smoothie weight loss plan. It’s one of the easiest and most fun diet plan with the right tool. I hope these tips will help you start your journey and enjoy a new, healthier you.

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